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LIMS08: ToonTrack Superior Drummer 2.0
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GuruOne    Said...

Cool interview

The nuts'n'bolts stuff was v. interesting

17-Jun-08 08:29 AM

Time+Space    Said...

Just a quick correction, the RRP for Superior Drummer is £189 not £166.

18-Jun-08 03:51 AM

jonz    Said...

Even in the exhibit hall you can tell it sounds amazing. I truly believe this is going to revolutionize the way we record.

18-Jun-08 08:36 PM

Nick B    Said...

In case I dont get the chance in the NAMM madness, it's Mattias Eklund - sorry about that Mattias!

19-Jun-08 03:00 AM

Steve Augeri    Said...

I love my EZ Drummer. 2.0 looks amazing. Nir, you're my drum hero! All the best.

07-Nov-08 08:02 AM

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