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LIMS08: Fantom G Wows James Asher
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shekhar dhain    Said...

as much as i love the roland sound, the fantom g still has that jv sound quality, which compared to the motif xs, falls a bit short. And for soundtrack work, it IS about sound, so one man's meat...

that blues harp sound is DEFINATELY A STOCK PATCH on the 1080, which is now 14 years old.

my jv1080 still has so much life in it yet :-D

16-Jun-08 06:12 PM

shekhar dhain    Said...

correction...nearly every sound he played in the vid is in the jv1080, so help me god :-D

16-Jun-08 06:15 PM

jessej    Said...

I have the Fantom G6 right here beside me and Yes, there is Legacy waveforms, and that is good, but the G is from a whole other planet than a 1080. I love my G.

You should go try one...

16-Jun-08 06:45 PM

selercs    Said...

anyone get the same feeling as i do that roland needs to reintroduce those enormous analog synths (jupiter 8, juno 60, mks 80, tb303, tr 909) into the world? i sorely miss those fat analog sounds only roland could give. prophet 08 won't satisfy me! come on roland, you haven't made a good synth ever since the last of those great analogs...even your jp8000 sounded like crap compared to the 1983 (25 year old) jupiter 8.

for romplers, i'd rather look to yamaha or go and make some real analog (your legacy) or really well modeled VA synth (not jp8000, sh201)...i am tired of using arturia plugins and jv sounding romplers lol!

16-Jun-08 08:36 PM

jessej    Said...

JP-8000 does not sound like 'crap'. Yes, it is a tad weaker sounding than a Jupiter 8, but that is far from 'crap'.

The JP-8000 is a very wonderful sounding professional synth and a very useful tool.

17-Jun-08 05:00 AM

selercs    Said...

i didn't say jp8000 is crap, i just said its crap COMPARED TO jupiter 8.

anyway, why didn't asher check out the motif xs? fantom-g definitely sounds cleaner and more produced than the xs though.

17-Jun-08 09:09 AM

James Asher    Said...

I take delivery of a Motif XS next week. It`s also got amazing sounds. The Korg M3, Motif XS and Fantom G are the power 3. Comparisons above of Fantom G to the 1080 are ludicrous. I have owned this, a 2080, a 3080 and a 5080. The Fantom G is in another dimension. I would be astonished if anyone who has actually heard it for real made such a comment. Some of the presets need some reverb removed. The architecture is complex, and sometimes needlessly so, but the sound quality is a quantum shift forward, - give it a fair listen and honest assessment before dissing it! I also owned one of the first 4 Jupiter 8`s in this country, and I still have it. It is hard on the limited bandwidth of the web to acccurately portray what a stunning sonic creature the Fantom G is, but I`d like to hear more from people who`ve actually given it a hearing. I am moved to write because it would seem unhelpful for people to be guided by prejudice and assumption - let the beast live or die on its own merits!

17-Jun-08 11:25 AM

shekhar dhain    Said...

Thanks for your reply James.

Maybe youre right, the net isnt the best way to audition the REAL power of any synth, so i DID check out the new fantom g at my local music place. I still wasnt as impressed overall for some reason. Yes roland gear of the triumverate you mention DOES have more "balls" in the sound department, but i still got that nagging feeling of them squeezing the life out of some old multisamples to get those stock sounds in. Now if they included a a lsightly watered down v-synth engine in there, then its a TOTALLY different ballgame altogether. I used my v -synth to the hilt for a few years before selling it on, cause it had REAL depth and programmable begged to be tweaked.

Once again, i reiterate the phrase "one man's meat..." cause i dont like roland's sequencer implementation either, which isnt as good as yamaha's extremely flexible methodology. So FOR ME, it doesn't hit the right notes (groan) in the same way a motif xs does.

My theory is always "how quickly can i produce quality results with just the instrument WITHOUT reading a manual". Like many, ive also spent years using and owning old analogs and newer gear, so that acid test is CRUCIAL for workflow. The XS took 2 hours.

Roland used to be the kings of sound quality- in some areas, their programming team STILL ARE- but it seems theyve possibly lost their way a little. The JP8000 and 8080 are still superb instruments- even with the clicking "bug" due to "superfast envelopes", which can be removed via a software upgrade- but on the whole, an aluminium esque finish isnt enough of a wow for me. All i can hope is that roland start to integrate the variphrase technology into their workstations, after which they can REALLY compete with korg- incredible karma and MMT- and Yamaha- megavoices, ease of workflow, integration, sound.



22-Jun-08 07:17 PM

d3m    Said...

Dear James Asher, try to play on Kurzweil PC3x and then come back :)

21-Jul-08 05:07 AM

Lonster    Said...

All the sounds he demo'ed except the sole instance being the synth bass, are stock 1984 Yamaha DX7 from a quarter century ago (mine still plays like new). The synth bass program he played near end of vid is none better than my Ensoniq ESQ-M slave expander I had MIDIed to my DX7 back in the early 1990s. Not a single new or innovative sound demoed here in this Fantom (something must be in it somewhere), just standard stock & old cliche' voices from all major synth brands from the past 2 decades! Unconscionable! You can get ALL those same sounds on the used gear market for probably US$200 - $500 range. Turn off that Fantom's after-FX and you'd hear exactly what I mean. As the final stroke of incredulity, the guy didn't even bother playing any accoustic grand piano programs, where any keyboard could/should showcase it's nuanced uniqueness from the competition. Just my 3 cents worth.

05-Mar-09 11:12 AM

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