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Goldfrapp: Will Gregory Interview PT2
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Cerebral Infect    Said...

About sampling modular patches. There is a software called samplerobot that allows you to automatically sample note by note an hardwared synth and put the loop points in the programs. The recorded sample program can be afterward replayed in a soft sampler. I'm not doing any publicity, but it's a useful tool worth to mention. I think the emu soft samplers does it too.

16-Jun-08 12:43 PM

Nick B    Said...

Good point - that may well be the answer for that - but I'm pretty sure he doesn't controls the mods via MIDI so I'm not sure how it would work in that workflow.

16-Jun-08 04:10 PM

someone    Said...

I love the voice of this guy, sound so depth and warmth. Every time I hear him I think the same. What kind of filter does he use? :D Can he be synthesized? Cheers Will!

16-Jun-08 05:52 PM

shekhar dhain    Said...

WILL'S hilarious and really chilled out. It's great not to get too "warm beer, beard and sandals" about gear, and always keep a persecpective. At the end of the day, everything you own has to serve a purpose, which is why my system 100m ( all bloody 15 modules) found another happy home last year :-D

Thanks again , nick, for a great, unpressured and natural vibey interview.

16-Jun-08 06:21 PM

Biopharmer    Said...

I wish I could meet this guy

18-Jun-08 08:50 PM

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