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Podcast: Sonic TALK088 - Krakli Moog
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Dan A    Said...

It's nice to have the podcast back. I enjoyed Nick's interview and studio tour with Will Gregory. Very cool. And I didn't realize until last podcast that it was Will Gregory who played sax on TFF's Working Hour - pure soul.

I was wondering how Dave is getting along with his D-550 and MKS-70?

And I entered Moped into the Tag Galaxy and got... Mopeds. But then I spun it around and saw the picture Lord Tinley described. What a lucky geezer.

12-Jun-08 06:52 PM

akaono    Said...

Good to have you back!

12-Jun-08 08:02 PM

Ian Webster (Krakli Software)    Said...

Well, that was a very pleasent suprise when I downloaded the podcast. Many thanks for all the kind comments. Mac ports are out of the question as I use SynthEdit which is a PC only plugin design environment, sorry. As far as charging, I started out doing this as a hobby (and a love) and it wouldn't feel right to start commercialising it too much. The oxygen of notoriety will do me for now! Anyway thanks again guys. Ian

13-Jun-08 02:08 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Heh, I missed you guys! Glad to see the podcasts are back!

15-Jun-08 12:03 PM

Nulldevice    Said...

I was all worried that I'd fall behind my podcasts when my internet connection went down at home. But that didn't happen - so you picked the right time to go on holiday.

The Moog Guitar looks pretty amazing. And surprisingly, not all that horribly expensive. I know a guitarist who spent nearly that much on a top-end electric guitar, and it didn't have all the moogisms.

A shame the moog guitar doesn't look as flash as it sounds.

18-Jun-08 10:20 AM

gerald    Said...

About the moped and women on tag galaxy, as soon as he started describing the pictures, I knew they came from one of my favorite flickr streams:

24-Jun-08 10:40 PM

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