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Podcast: Sonic TALK087 - Yazoo Return Like Salmon
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tnadghvjohn at ResonanceMultimeda LLC    Said...

Wondering if you've seen this youtube on Clarke. Showing him working the CZ-101 and the BBC Micro. Have you any history with that computer. As an American Tech Nerd, I find that very intriguing.

22-May-08 10:19 AM

J    Said...

whoops, here's part 1:

22-May-08 10:24 AM

Nick B    Said...

Not me no, but I think maybe Dave and or Mark do.

22-May-08 10:47 AM

akaono    Said...

Hi another great podcast Thanks! I also have those patches for the Pro One that Dave was talking about. They were on Matrix synth as well and remember reading that Vince used only the Pro One for all the sounds on 'Don't Go' amazing!!! Nick I hope you can get to do an interview with Vince that would be great. Have a good holiday.

22-May-08 01:37 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Very entertaining, as usual. I'm really going to miss the podcast the coming week(s), it's become part of my weekly routine: thurday podcast day.

22-May-08 01:51 PM

Sui    Said...

Here's another pointless but amazing use of tape cassette players.


22-May-08 01:51 PM

Parris    Said...

Thanks guys for a class show, but what are we gonna do for next two weeks without the show???

Cancel the

Thanks for guys.

22-May-08 07:02 PM


first of all, as i listen to nick, dave, and mark, i'm struck by how fortunate i am to get to participate in these with such fine and entertaining gentlemen as those....... so having only participated as a listener, i'm gonna stick my 2 cents in right here:

i LOVE that walkman mellotron!

i loved my MKS-70s. i think i still have one at work......i used to have them all over the place. great sound to it.

i think that SCSI for Samplers thing is way too big.

regarding the hardware synths comment:

first of all, thanks for caring. i can sense your enthusiasm for it, and really enjoy your passion.

at the studio where i do my work, we've got tons of synths still lying around, but the point is, i don't use them and don't need them constantly around me. i learned this from years of looking at them and not using them. if i want them, they're still around and easily hooked up.

at home, i've got a multimoog, a korg ms-20, hohner clavinet/pianet duo, roland jd990 & P330, ensoniq asr10, ts12, mr-rack, Kurzweil K2000 and 1000PX. i hardly use any of those much either, though the moog, the korg, and the clavinet are big fun when they do get used. i use the ts12 to practice technique on, in the absence of a real piano. everything else, i'd sell in a heartbeat.

so there's plenty of stuff still around, but i hardly use much of it anymore.

i have lots of software synths i think are very good. i do know the difference between the two software minimoogs i have and the real one that sits before me every day. i'm just not often convinced that the difference between them is the difference between the sound working and the sound not working, and the benefit of being able to instantly recall the software one later for further examination is very alluring.

most of all, i appreciate your interest in the podcasts and your passion for music and the stuff that goes into making it.

best, Rich

22-May-08 09:43 PM

Dan A.    Said...

Great show, and I hope everyone enjoys their holidays.

Congrats to Dave Spiers on Sound On Sound's excellent review of GForce's Virtual String Machine! (How they overlooked price in the "Pros" column I'll never know.)

I just love that Melloman Walkman Mellotron (and Tara Busch isn't too hard on the eyes either.)

BTW, Nouvelle Vague does a cool acoustic version of Blue Monday:


23-May-08 12:36 AM

Pete Crosby    Said...

akaono was talking about Vince Clarke and his pro one.

I had one of Vince Clarke's Pro Ones in my studio for a while. Had a selection of patches from his various songs. Decided not to buy it as there were better synths in my arsenal.

23-May-08 04:19 AM

Oliver Davis    Said...

Tara Busch ?

I have produced a few tracks with Miss Busch ! Back in 2000/ 2001

Great haunting vocals! – Great to work with.

Some excerpts of the tracks….

Oliver Davis Roland UK / The Circuit Symphony

23-May-08 08:17 AM

Eric O    Said...

A bit of trivia about the mentioned Kylie Minogue mashup - she actually released that track as a b-side under the name "Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head."

(There was a DJ in my neck of the woods who was obsessed with that song.)

23-May-08 10:25 AM

Eric O    Said...

Oh, and one more thing...

If you want to see Vince's transition from hardware to software, he and Gareth Jones did video blogs of the making of the last Erasure album, which showed in reasonable detail what his setup became and how things were working. You can find 'em on Youtube.

23-May-08 10:33 AM

AnalogSuicide    Said...

Thanks for the mention!! Hooray for !!

PS - The Melloman IS a magnificent little creature.

Tara (

26-May-08 03:54 PM

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