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Podcast: Sonic TALK086 - RocknRoll Swindles Lord Tinley
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Derek    Said...

(Nick said...) Where's that big red button when you need it?


Also, speaking of faking accents in order not to turn off audiences, what do we have to do to get the Kate Parker Yamaha advert off the air? ;)

15-May-08 10:59 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

As usual, the annecdotes are highly entertaining and I like how the show veers of course and goes beyond the planned subjects. I didn't know you could get a lordship over ebay; I thought such a thing isn't transferrable?

16-May-08 03:16 AM

Oliver Davis    Said...

Marks comment about speeding up speech on Quick time, lead me on to think about Jarres ZOOLOOK album from 1985.

JMJ`s concept was to create a new language using vocal samples, looping them, gating them via the Linn drums etc.. It’s an absolute masterpiece and one of the only albums that I have heard sampling being used in this amazing way! Check it out. All produced on Fairlights and Emu Emulators. Creativity in its true form I think!!

Oliver Davis Roland UK /

16-May-08 03:36 AM

Pete Crosby    Said...

Nick, after you chat about the new Virus TI Snow I decided to knock up a quick demo track of the Virus on Polar keyboard.

The track is called 'The Man In The Picture'

Used a really wicked tool called Verbalize v5.0 from the website for the vocals.

17-May-08 05:10 AM

Andreea    Said...

That advice would have been great if my partens had heard it. I still don't know 10 recipes, and that sorta pisses me off. Jamie Oliver is one of my favorites because he makes stuff that I can actually make and it's healthy too. My kids are going to be better cooks than me for sure (not saying much, but still...)

15-Sep-13 07:07 PM

Jacalyn    Said...

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18-Sep-13 09:02 AM

Ceba    Said...

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20-Sep-13 03:13 AM

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