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Podcast: Sonic TALK085 - Rhythmic Intelligence, Moog Guitar, Funkytown
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It's great weather in the Netherlands too - finally! I feel sorry however that you had to confine yourself to working in a hot, closed room just so we could have our weekly podcast. Not too sorry though, since I've absolutely come to depend on that podcast! ;-)

I love Funky Town, great hooks and great sounds. When I think about the first time I heard a vocoder effect I'm not sure it was in a piece of music though - it probably was in the original Battlestar Galactica (which has still one of the best tv theme tunes ever in my opinion).

Oh yes - the new word verification thingy is kind of difficult, it's harder to see what some characters are.

08-May-08 09:02 PM

nick b    Said...

hi we had to increase security. We were getting spam

09-May-08 01:39 AM

Nick B    Said...

Sorry, short message - done on phone! Yeah the wprd verification wasnt working, we were getting a lot of spam due to the simplicity of the render so I had to tighten up the settings. - Sorry about that.

RE: Funkytown - its so evocative of teenage life and fairground evenings to me - a very strong tune and yes, packed full 'o hooks.

09-May-08 01:57 AM

Ian (Krakli Software)    Said...

Earliest Vocoder: last week somebody mentioned Sparkys Magic Piano which was the first example I remember of speech modulating audio (but not a vocoder, I guess). I wonder if the BBC radiophonic workshop would have predated the W. Carlos thing?

09-May-08 06:56 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Just curious, but does anyone know a piece of music that's made exclusively on vocoder? Since it's so flexible an instrument (at least potentially) that should be a really intriguing sound.

09-May-08 05:40 PM

Pete Crosby    Said...

Great musicians but tone deaf general public.

What kind of day can this be when I can see Scooter push Madonna of the No.1 slot?

Are the UK public saying Scooter is better than Madonna?

I am not sure whether to laugh or cry.

You see this is why I write music for me, if someone else likes it then thats cool.

12-May-08 02:55 AM

diz    Said...

This is getting very UK-centric, and the opening chat.....yawn

12-May-08 11:40 AM

Nick B    Said...

dlz, i think we talked about a single UK specific issue... Was this really what you were complaining about?

As we're based in the UK I dont think that it's that awful of us

13-May-08 05:29 AM

DJ Condra (ALDJ)    Said...

Haha Mark Tinley is so proud of his IQ. Kinda sad/weird but funny.

I LOVE the podcast.

More Noneric please! He is my favourite!

Dave Robinson- Glad you enjoyed your time in Ireland!

Hey please keep up the good work!

13-May-08 10:38 PM

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