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Podcast: Sonic TALK - 084 Watchout For The Bears PJ
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Dan A.    Said...

Congratulations PJ on your upcoming marriage!

Nagra tape recorders are absolutely beautiful machines, and nixie tubes are just cool to look at, but I don't own either. However, a few months back, I bought a 1962 Norelco (Phillips) Continental 300 table top tape recorder from a thrift store for $15. When I got it home and opened it, I was surprised to see 5 Amperex Bugle Boy tubes inside, 4 in the amp section and one EM81 indicator tube used as recording level meter. The EM81 is a cool phosphorous filled tube that flashes brighter with a stronger signal. BTW, the tape recorder works fine.

And the B-52s would look perfect cruising around a lake in an Amphicar.

01-May-08 08:05 PM

Mark Burgess (via email)    Said...

The Peter Gabriel Album you refer to on 05/01 was the third album, but not the one with Shock the Monkey. That was Security. It was album #4. The one with the polaroid treatment has Games Without Frontiers, and Biko. Kate Bush, Robert Fripp, Tony Levin, and Paul Weller, Jerry Marotta. Brilliant record.

02-May-08 02:58 AM

GuruOne    Said...

+1 Congrats PJ

Thx guys for giving me the heads-up on the B52s remix. I would have missed it!!!

My entry:



02-May-08 08:49 AM

Ian (Krakli software)    Said...

Thanks for the show (is it my imagination or are you dissapearing down more and more side-alleys :) ). A comment regarding the 'large' stylophone (the 350s) I had one of these, and it had a really neat photo-electric cell on the top panel that modulated the filter as you waved your hand over it. I ended up joining my 350s to an accoustic piano keyboard and had the normal and repeat stylus feeds on a switch. happy days!

02-May-08 04:39 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Congrats to PJ, hope you had a great wedding and all the best!

Great podcast, it was cool to hear about the B52's. I've never been much into their music but I've heard the odd track of theirs and I always liked the uniqueness of their sound.

Also thanks for reminding me of the Sinclair ZX81 and Spectrum - I got both and while the Spectrum broke, I still got the ZX81 in working order (even with the 16kb extra memory cartridge...).

03-May-08 09:12 AM

Pete Crosby    Said...

Congrats PJ good luck for the future :).

Enjoyed this weeks podcast. Following on from last week I checked out and signed up.

If you guys have sometime I would appreciate you checking out some of my music which for to long has been listened to my nearest and dearest only :) --

Also on a serious note, was a sad week with soundcontrol and turnkey going into administration. Peace out to all staff who lost their jobs including 16 of my mates :(

Where do I get my moog stuff now ?

05-May-08 05:57 AM

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