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Wigerdal's World #3
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Jeremy    Said...

Heh, what a goofball! Keep the vids coming!

25-Apr-08 10:36 AM

dv    Said...

This series doesn't seem as professionally made as the other videos on this site. Up your game and at least get a decent microphone (and maybe don't reuse the same shot nine times).

29-Apr-08 07:38 PM

DJCreamer    Said...

Ha ha! This guy has completely missed the point! Keep up the wacky vids, sonic ;)

30-Apr-08 11:14 AM

hans    Said...

Ya, Wigerdal rocks for Europe. keep the kooky vids coming mit more synths stuff!

03-May-08 01:26 PM

i like electronics    Said...

thats such a great early reflection on his voice. Or maybe he is just too far from the mic! ;)

15-May-08 10:20 AM

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