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Podcast: Sonic TALK - 083 I've Got a Talkbox and I'm Gonna Use it
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P.J. Tracy    Said... is an interesting model, however, there are a few snags.

I used to participate in the reviewing of music on, at the behest of some mates that had music housed there. It has been nearly three years since I have visited the site. I have just come from there and in all this time, the top tunes in electronica have not changed. These are decent tracks, yet I can't believe the reviewing public loves them so much that they have maintained dominance for 4 years running.

It remains difficult to fully understand how one escalates through the charts, and makes "progress" in the promoting of their music.

Count me in on Tinitus. Second record: "What's that sound?"

24-Apr-08 11:21 AM

Dan A.    Said...

Great show. I quite enjoyed the segment about the 25 tips for musicians.

On tip listed on the MusicThing site suggests retuning your guitar (alternate tuning.) My son is left handed, and I bought him a left handed bass a few years ago. When I play it right handedly, familiar progressions become something entirely different. It's trippy when you ascend instead of descend or vice versa.

One tip I should incorporate is the one Rich brought up: Finish it. I'm guilty of abandoning songs nearly complete - or never working out a bridge on an otherwise good piece of music. However, I do agree with Nick that some unfinished songs should be left undone. No point wasting time on a bit of mediocrity.

24-Apr-08 11:35 AM

Tinley    Said...

After we have released "Tourettes", "Huh" and "What's That Sound" we should release "Eh??? equals 1760" - don't expect me to work in the same room as anyone else though - you'll have to ftp WAVs. I have just discovered I am a misanthrope!

24-Apr-08 01:47 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Thanks guys for the ad for my website and playing my little Jarre parody! I'll upload the full version to my MySpace soon. Being entirely vocal this one was REALLY different than what I normally do but I had so much fun doing this one that I really wanted to share it. The reverb in question is the Spinaudio Roomverb M1 - although since I didn't bother dampening the room I recorded in there's a lot of early reflections from my actual room in there too! :-)

Anyway, once again a very entertaining podcast!

24-Apr-08 02:58 PM

Andre    Said...

How about "lost at 9kHz"?

24-Apr-08 03:54 PM

Nick B    Said...

PJ, thats pretty interesting and looks like a flaw in the system indeed. I suspected as much as in some genres I was a little surprised to see tracks at the top.

I think we should have a go at the band, sounds like it could be fun!

24-Apr-08 04:31 PM

P.J. Tracy    Said...


Frank Zappa, John Lennon, Sid Vicious, Robert Schumann, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Michael Jackson, Beeethoven, Captain Beefheart, Batman...Mark Tinley?

You are in good company my friend.


25-Apr-08 10:35 AM

mikebeck    Said...

Very enjoyable podcast; I laughed more than usual this time. I really like the speculation and off-topic side-roads, and I hope you continue to not snip too much of this kind of thing out of future podcasts. Extra "character" is always welcome here. I did think of one use of music technology that I used for non-music purposes a long time ago - when I had a neighbor in an adjoining apartment who would leave his television and radio on at excess volumes even when he wasn't home. After repeated polite requests to keep the volume regulated, I finally ended up leaning my Stratocaster against my amp and letting it feed back while I was out for the day. The message finally clicked with the neighbor. Come back to the podcast soon, Mr Tracy! We need more local representation!

26-Apr-08 12:36 PM

Oliver Davis /    Said...

SP-404 ?

Hi guys.

Doing the Job that I do, I come accross som many people using our products in unusual ways.

Last week I had a proffesional CLOWN call me up for support on his SP-404. He uses it for his clown shows live! I also know that many theatres use the SP-404 and SP-555 to triggter samples.

All I am waiting for now is the farmer with sheep dog samples to call me!

28-Apr-08 04:00 AM

Nick B    Said...

Cool, Clown I think trumps the fair rides. Thanks for that!

28-Apr-08 04:19 AM

Howling Terror    Said...

Anyone getting pissed off with hearing whining kids in the background?

28-Apr-08 08:27 AM

Oliver Davis /    Said...

Not at all....

28-Apr-08 08:51 AM

Nick B    Said...

Obviously Howling Terror is not parenting material....

28-Apr-08 02:41 PM

gerald    Said...

As for why the DX-100 is always used with the talkbox, it's partly image. But the DX-100 also has a very harsh and bright sound which plays to the mechanics of the talkbox very well. The brighter (and less filtered) the sound source, the more intelligible the talkbox sounds.

28-Apr-08 11:14 PM

steve from Saskatchewan    Said...

Hi guys,

I love everything about the podcast, and have listened to everyone of them numerous times while commuting...

One thing always jars me, though, and I don't want to step on toes, but it's the Yamaha commercials...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against sponsors and I appreciate Yamaha doing it...

But is Yamaha really a prime company for the demographic who listens to you guys? To me, sonicstate is more about the weird and wonderful sound design side of the music industry, and caters far more to the Ableton, Native Instruments, Moog, Dave Smith Instruments, Tone2, U-he, and small independent developers (as represented by Dave Spiers).

Maybe I'm totally off-base, and maybe I should be quiet and be thankful that Yamaha helps to foot the bill... But I can't help thinking that there are other companies out there (like I say - the independent developers or cutting edge companies) that would fit WAY CLOSER to your market...

Maybe it's just me, but I haven't bought a Roland or Yamaha product in well over a decade!

29-Apr-08 05:21 PM

Dan A.    Said...

In defence of Yamaha, I've always liked their products and have bought plenty of them over the years. And if they're listening, I wish they would make a rack mount line mixer with 8 or 12 stereo inputs including one set of inputs on the front panel for quick changes. Also kudos to Yamaha for putting all of their user manuals online.

And in defence of Mark Tinley's child, it's fine with me. In fact, it sometimes lends a little humor to the topic at hand. I simply couldn't imagine the show without Mr. Tinley's insight, experience, and wit. However, I believe he's bluffing about being a misanthrope. A family friendly misanthrope who's also a member of the local choir?

29-Apr-08 08:44 PM

Dan A.    Said...

Sorry, me again. (I forgot something.) Talk Box impresario MooT BooXle also has several excellent synth videos on YouTube. My fav is a jam called Explosion:

30-Apr-08 08:51 AM

Ian (Krakli software)    Said...

Another good show,.. A little aside about the talkbox. I made my own years ago but i onlyhad a tiny little amp and speaker to drive it, it sort of worked but I had to have the mic gain turned up so loud that you heard all these lttle retching sounds as I battled with the flexible tube. So i think you do need a modicum of volume for this to work properly

02-May-08 04:34 PM

Nick B    Said...

Dan A - thanks for the comments - I'm sure there are other companies who might consider being a better fit sure, but they aint been in touch yet and yamaha are really good guys for keeping the faith - shout out to the Peckster!

Ian - I'm trying not to think about the wretching sounds of your talk box. eww.

08-May-08 04:32 PM

MooT BooXLé    Said...

Hello there! Thanks for the feature...I absolutely had no idea you had done a bit on talkbox (and MB) until a friend on MySpace filled me in. If you ever want to talk talkbox, drop me a line! Cheers, MB!

22-May-08 03:51 PM

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