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TC And Gibson Cancel Merger
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Sven    Said...

Holy moly. Thats got to be embarrasing. I really,really,really would like to know why this didnt come off - I wonder if we ever will?

14-Apr-08 11:23 AM

Trus1te    Said...

I am kind of happy that it did not happen. From what I heard on the podcasts-- Gibson has a habit of severely altering the course of some great boutique companies and truth be told, there is no such thing as a merger (the first thing they teach you in any college level M&A class).

Personally, I am really tired of TC down-scaling the marketplace and would love for them to focus more on the $1000-$3000 range.

14-Apr-08 11:44 AM

Christian    Said...

Thank God it is not going to happen! TC are a great company and would have been killed by the nuts who manage Gibson... Lets hope that TC can find an agreement with someone more sane if they really do need to find additional capital. They deserve better!

15-Apr-08 04:22 AM

keith h    Said...

Sounds to me like TC didn't want to take the chance that the "merger" with Gibson could reduce TC's quality. You know Gibson would look for ways to make the profit margin larger, probably by cutting cost in components.

15-Apr-08 08:27 PM

Gibson is poopy    Said...

Didn't Gibson totally ruin opcode when they took that over? i read about it somewhere on the net and it sounds like the head honchos at Gibson are real (begins with A ends with hole, starts with F ends with witts)?

16-Apr-08 12:12 AM

Math    Said...

Line 6 and TC would be a much better couple.

17-Apr-08 06:05 AM

Miatch    Said...

I'm still pissed and will not buy Gibson products after they bought and killed my favorite sequencer, Opcode Vision. As I do enjoy my TC Powercore, I wasn't certain what to do... Go TC. Gibson blows!

28-Apr-08 07:43 AM

kerzwhile    Said...

Because the owner of TC found out how much of a Nutt Bag the owner of Gibson is and pulled out!! Thank GOD!! Look at Gibsons Track record!! Do the names Opcode and Oberheim ring a bell?????

29-Apr-08 04:10 PM

pro audio DAVE    Said...

Thank GOD

TC would have ended up with Wall warts and cheap connectors

14-Jul-08 05:39 PM

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