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Sonic LAB: Prophet '08 Review Pt1
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GuruOne    Said...


Thx for this

ps. What post processing did you do, if any?


14-Apr-08 09:09 AM

Inside Synthesis    Said...

No FX or EQ processing on the audio - it's raw audio except for global compression which is necessary for video streaming.

14-Apr-08 09:21 AM

GuruOne    Said...

Yes, I thought I heard some compression there

May I ask which one?

Sounded VERY nice

14-Apr-08 09:38 AM

beej    Said...

Excellent review - it's quite nice to have real audio/video examples, and to have a similar approach to a magazine review but with the waffle cut out.

Also nice to get some comparative examples with other synths, like the Obie in this example.

Really enjoyed it - very nicely done guys.

14-Apr-08 10:42 AM

Trus1te    Said...

Great review. I have a PEK, and I love the sound but many of my knobs are floating which enticed me to buy the CPU editor-- which I must say I should have bought in the first place. You should note, however, that the P8 rack uses the same knob tech that the PEK does, which makes me hesitant to buy the rack (and the rack is what I desire).

Great review and for any of you who care the PEK and the P8 have a completely distinct sound difference, but similar timbrel structures that make them great compliments.

14-Apr-08 11:39 AM

Oliver Chesler,    Said...

Very nice review. Looking forward to part two.

14-Apr-08 12:21 PM

Parris    Said...

Looking foward 2 part 2. Nice reveiw...............

14-Apr-08 05:15 PM

detuned    Said...

William Nice review. I own a P08(SN#303-so apropo considering how 'Skwelchy' it can get). I've recently started to realize how 'JUNO-ish it can sound. I'm curious about your opinion on it's envelopes: do you feel they are snappy? Looking forward to part 2.

15-Apr-08 12:04 AM    Said...

excellent stuff!

Just liek the others youve put up on here, this is excelsis and in a total class of its own. Youve ALMOST persuaded me to buy a pro-08, and ive owned shedloads of analog gear, including the actual pro-5 (rev 2) and an 0b-8 at one point, which actually sounds quite thin by comparison..even in 4 pole mode. The 80's oberheims - with the exception of the superlative XPANDER- wernt really as sexy as the earlier stuff, imho.

15-Apr-08 11:11 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great review and a wonderful synth. Cool to see a legendary name back as a big hardware synth!

18-Apr-08 10:29 AM

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