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Fantom Tweakbook 5th Edition Released
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Jesse J from Finland    Said...

I really recommend this book! I have just finished reading v4 and it was very well written indeed.

12-Apr-08 05:11 AM

Sol    Said...

This is a must for any Fantom S/X, Juno G owner. You will truly learn to push the boundaries of these synthesisers.

Artemiy you truly are the Man!

12-Apr-08 10:19 AM

RestLes    Said...

Quality info and a great package. Takes you deeper into these synthesisers with tips, tricks and audio samples with detailed instructions. Must have!

12-Apr-08 11:56 AM

HowardS from Canada    Said...

This book explores many aspects of sound design including many tricks to help you get the most out of your synth. I think it would be helpful for understanding sound design for all modern wave based synths although it does make heavy reference to Roland manuals and its terminology throughout. Great price too.

12-Apr-08 12:04 PM

Artemiy Pavlov    Said...

Thanks for all the warm words, guys! Enjoy reading and... tweaking ;-)

13-Apr-08 04:12 PM

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