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Podcast: Sonic TALK Interview - John Van Eaton
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Dan A.    Said...

Great interview. It's really interesting to hear from a veteran audio tech. And settling down to a house full of long stored synths must feel like Christmas everyday.

10-Apr-08 01:52 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Very interesting stuff, love the insight view he gives. I'm already looking forward to part two of the interview! :-)

10-Apr-08 04:06 PM

do    Said...

sounds like a very talented young man !

10-Apr-08 08:22 PM

MAFEW    Said...

Enlightening! Like to die-hard old gear dependence. I also understand the fear of computer crashes. I do some really small time stuff and I only have one computer and I'm almost always sure it's going to crash; sometimes it does.

11-Apr-08 01:46 AM

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