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Korg Digital Mixers Upgraded
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tb    Said...

pretty boring for us zero8 users, i tought they would fix more important issues like the monitoring/routing of the outs, mono/stereo channels and stuff, but all went into the cheap one instead of the big one...

04-Apr-08 11:32 AM

Jordaan    Said...

Yah, I'm with you on that one tb. It is the only reason why I still haven't bought a Zero 8. I guess its back to thinking about a dedicated midi controllers instead of the whole package.

05-Apr-08 07:06 AM

user    Said...

I don't think it is possible to do anything about monitor/routing of the outs due to the hardware. The only way round is to sacrifice a channel and then I'm sure people would be saying "why waste a channel on monitoring, would have been more use to provide an extra channel" Life is never perfect!

07-Apr-08 09:36 AM

Reggie    Said...

OK Korg Zero 4/8 it's been 3 Years 2010 and NO Vista 64 Driver support Need I say more. Mine is an expensive Paper weight. Shame on Korg, I wont even think about buying any more of their products.

26-Dec-09 07:10 AM

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