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Top 20 Weirdest Instruments - Episode 3
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GuruOne    Said...

That was a LONG time between drinks (eps)

Thx anywayz

02-Apr-08 12:06 PM

rob    Said...

some more crackles here :

03-Apr-08 05:18 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Yes! I missed this series. Great episode, please do not let us wait so long for the next one! ;-)

03-Apr-08 11:56 AM

The Post Futurist mag    Said...

It'd be great if you could elaborate more on the instruments, more visuals, more audio, more technobabble...Gimme gimme gimme, I want some more!

09-Apr-08 01:04 AM

Simon Power    Said...

I hope that our new series Wigerdal's World may help fill in the gaps between episodes of the TTWI. And if you feel the urge to pick up a DVCam yourself, we have a new series coming made up entirely of submissions from Sonic users. Details soon. Thanks for watching!

11-Apr-08 04:03 AM

Vince Clarke, Supreme Overlord    Said...

Is that bass station the only thing you have kicking around?

23-Apr-08 10:59 AM

Simon Power    Said...

ha ha! YES...On that day's filming. Sonic was moving offices and all the kit was locked in a cupboard. I had an idea for the sketch but it was getting dark and we needed to film it quick. I grabbed the only 'board I could find that wasn't locked away, the Bass Station, hence its double appearance in this and the software sketch. (apologies to Novation).

07-May-08 09:19 AM

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