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Jarre's Oxygene in Birmingham
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Cool! Like I stated elsewhere, I saw this in Brussels and as I don't really speak French I had trouble understanding what he was talking about, though I got the general gist. At least now I have heard the English version. That mirror was a brilliant idea!

31-Mar-08 07:09 AM

myspace/akaono    Said...

Hi Marc Mark here hehehe yes I saw him in Paris and had the same problem. I didnt know he was playing in Birmingham and I live here!!! hahahaha I hope he does equinoxe next year :)

31-Mar-08 07:12 AM

Oliver Davis - Roland UK    Said...

Just come back from one hell of a Jarre week! From Birmingham to Manchester and then London last night!


I also got to meet him and he signed my doughters birth certificate ! Ellie-Jarre : )

31-Mar-08 02:56 PM

the phantom    Said...

This video cuts off for me after about 20 seconds.

04-Apr-08 07:19 PM    Said...


pITY THE ACTUAL music chunk fo the video was about 40 seconds, but there was one sound in there- i think in the warm up phase- that reminded me of my arp 2600 of years ago. It was this sync like sound, with what sounded like filter mod from one of the oscillators.

im gutted i missed the concert, cause im only 35 miles away.

05-Apr-08 01:58 PM

nick    Said...

Gald you enjoyed it. We cut the music coz it was really all about the chat and the synths - we dont want to get into trouble - there's copyrights etc

07-Apr-08 04:01 AM

DNA-Groove    Said...

I could've seen more of this show with Google Earth. Another step back and you guys could've shot this from orbit.

Given Jarre's ridiculously heavy French accent and the poor acoustics I think that some subtitles would help greatly.

This video is not much more than a disappointment, but thanks anyway... for the effort.

22-Apr-08 05:33 AM

Mansfield    Said...

My guess is that it was shot on a mobile phone. Excuse me for stating the bleeding obvious, but I imagine going into the show with any sort of video camera might have proved problematic no?

23-Apr-08 02:48 PM

Kerzwhile    Said...

Is there gonna be more of this posted or where can one purchase this video!????

05-May-08 04:36 PM

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