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Podcast: Sonic TALK - 080 Synth Hero Worship, Guitar Hero Parody
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Marc JX8P    Said...

If you watch the end of the laser harp video you see him playing a bit without the soundtrack. He states that he plays along with the soundtrack so obviously he means exactly that - playing along, not miming too. It's a brilliant effort, I especially like the harp opening up effect. I saw that the first time 10 years ago on Jarre's Oxygene 7-13 tour and it was really stunning.

I kind of missed the harp in Brussel - but on the other hand, the intimacy of this tour is way more impressive and musical than I guess such a mass event ever could be.

27-Mar-08 03:42 PM

Steve Hobley    Said...

Someone told me about your podcast - thanks for the laser harp mention!

The harp is 10 beams - programmed with these MIDI notes:

byte notearray[10] = {64,63,62,60,59,58,56,55,53,48}; // RENDEZVOUS II Mapping

[bit of the firmware sourcecode there]

No one was more cynical about the JMJ laser harp than me, so I proved it to myself it can be done...

I just posted a new vid using a WiiMote to control filter sweep...

Cheers, Steve

27-Mar-08 06:04 PM

Nick B    Said...

Steve, thanks so much for clearing that up - I know Mr Robinson can be somewhat sceptical - which is often a good thing in this world.

Please do keep us posted on your progress - it truly is a magnificent instrument

28-Mar-08 03:00 AM

klash    Said...

your wrong about the waves ssl

only the channel strip is e series .. the eq and master buss are g series

29-Mar-08 02:03 AM

Pete Crosby    Said...

Nick, loving the podcast I have been listening intently for many months now. I just bought a Elektron Machine Drum SPS-1 MK II after watching your videos. Was wondering if you guys could give your opinions on it and tell us if you have played or own one. Also I ended up buying and apogee duet after one of your guests was using one and they truly are amazing.

Keep up the good work, I have much respect for you all at sonicstate.


29-Mar-08 10:36 AM

Nick B    Said...

Hi Pete, I have used a machinedrum, but not the UW or expanded one. I'm not really a pattern guy but we used it a bunch on the Black Cherry album. I think the software has been through a couple of steps since then so I cant really comment now, but the multiple sound engine approach was really cool.

The fact that it's hardware too,gives you a totally different angle than software, it certainly is an instrument

30-Mar-08 10:08 AM

Dan A.    Said...

Loved the podcast as always. Only slightly related, but here's a link to a little gadgetry that I thought was cool:

30-Mar-08 10:19 AM

Pete Crosby    Said...

Nick, thanks for getting back to me. This is why I love sonicstate you always have time for your fans. :)

I stayed away from the UW version as I have an AKAI for samples. One of my intentions is to use it with my Virus Polar with atomizer when they release it.

Looking forward to your new podcast.

All the best :)

30-Mar-08 11:48 AM

ops    Said...

yah ek bahut hi sarthak pryas hai. jab se iske visyaa me suna tha padhne ki ikchha thi jo aj jakar puri hui hai.phir bhi ek flow me nahi sun saki kyuki recording me distrubance tha.anita ji ki kavita vishesh rup se achhi lagi.harihar jha aur sailesh ji ka sanchalan kaviyo ka parichaya bahut hi sahag dhang se prastut karta hai.agle ank ki pratikha rahegi....deepali

21-Aug-12 06:06 AM

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