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Podcast: Sonic TALK 079 - It's The Work of the Devil I Tell You..
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Snark    Said...

It was nice to hear that all you guys' jaws hit the floor about Melodyne 2.0 as well! Sadly, my wife ENTIRELY failed to understand the momentousness. Bah! Roll on the Autumn, eh?

I'm SERIOUSLY hoping the put Audio to MIDI in the plug-in, by the way. There's a lot of stuff in the demo vids I don't think you could do unless the up the feature list of the plugin. We might all have to wait for Cre8 or Studio before we get the really good toys... and how long will THAT be?

20-Mar-08 11:53 AM

Snark    Said...

Blasted 'y' key - damn you, Jobs!

20-Mar-08 11:53 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great show! I'd love to know what the ideas behind that new Melodyne version are, too... Very interesting stuff to think about what defines a single note in a polyphonic musical context!

20-Mar-08 03:09 PM

myspace/akaono    Said...

Great show again WOW Melodyne 2.0 is amazing! What next from that guy!

22-Mar-08 01:41 AM

Klemen    Said...

You forgot to mention:

- SM Audio had an amazing staff (esp. the brown haired one), yay ...

- Focusrite/Novation - extra friendly staff, amazing controller - Nocturn and the smaller Liquid Mix

- The tiny Waldorf sounds great

26-Mar-08 06:46 AM

Klemen    Said...

btw. @Gforce - please don't go the iLok route. Synchrosoft's better - less problems and still not cracked.

26-Mar-08 08:54 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

It would be cool if NI's authorization system was a standard: two possible authorizations so you can have two systems that you can authorize, additional authorizations by just removing an old authorization in the authorization software and most handy of all: one authorization software that manages all of your authorizations. And no key in sight...

26-Mar-08 09:14 AM

Klemen    Said...

I think NI changed that.


31-Mar-08 03:56 AM

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