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MESSE08: Circle Synth Makes It Oh So Simple
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glxblt    Said...

Wasn't this seen on NI Massive already?

Looks nice though.

18-Mar-08 12:32 PM

x2mirko    Said...

yeah, thats exactly what i thought. the whole drag-and-drop idea of modulationsources is working just like in massive. Nevertheless, this seems like an interesting synth for beginners. I mean, most sounddesigners would know how an envelope works and dont need to see it. But its very nice for a beginner.

19-Mar-08 11:11 AM


Not that impressive sound.

24-Mar-08 07:11 PM

Shif.    Said...

Looks interesting.

Not sure how anyone could comment on the sound of Circle from a low bitrate basic video tutorial tho ;)

I await the demo!

28-Mar-08 06:24 PM

urs    Said...

Sounds like shit, low quality audio does not hide that fact.

03-Apr-08 02:22 PM

fin    Said...

Can't really judge the sound until the demo. Like the interface though.

05-Apr-08 06:18 PM

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