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MESSE08:Elektron Mark II Machines
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i had the keyboard version of the monomachine, and compared to the ease of use of ANY of the electribes, or yamaha grooveboxes, it wasnt as satisfying ( im fortunate enough to have owned ALL of them at some point, due to judicious buying and selling). its great for glitchy stuff, but its a real bastard to use as results arent immediate - which in itself is an understatement- and theres always this weird "aliasing" you get on a sheen which colours the sound.

17-Mar-08 01:30 PM

elektron owner    Said...

juicyaudio: you are right, if you like the presets-based mentality of the electribes you definitely aren't ready for a deep and powerful machine like an Elektron.

These are musical instruments. You have to learn how to play them.

They have an edgy, distinctive sound, and they are definitely not just for glitchy stuff.

18-Mar-08 02:57 AM

Geert    Said...

justa poor excuse too talk good a bas design.

18-Mar-08 12:42 PM    Said...

Elektron owner, im not disputing the instrument's depth, bro. All I'm saying is that the results are very distinctly monomachine flavoured, for want of a better phrase. That in itself is both a great thing, but can be a bad thing too (hence i mentioned the "digital gloss and sheen", the outputs have, which is kind of akin to a recognisable sound the synclavier has, although obviously in a very different league).

Again, it's personal choice and taste etc, but the amount of effort needed and the results obtained, just wasnt a satisfying axiom for me to spend a considerable amount of time dealing with, and ive been making music of various flavours and shapes for a looooooooong time. :-)

18-Mar-08 03:28 PM

synclavier owner    Said...

The MM has always sounded to my ears like freeware - the hardware equivalent of a synthedit vsti.

20-Mar-08 11:49 AM

the locust    Said...

what many people are missing is that the integration between the soundengine and the sequencer creates the magic of the elektron boxes. one could easily compare it to the roland tb303, remove the sequencer on that one and what do you get ? quite a simple sound Id say and nothing special really.

the monomachine is not primarily a synthesizer for players. you would be more happy sticking to your funky rhodes licks from the red ones or synclaviering away on your sync...

the elektron gear are the producers and live performers secret weapons of today. its been proven over and over again.

the sound is what you program it to be, its a synthesizer. and its definitely not a freeware VST. better check your ears or preferably get a decent frequency analyzer.

get on the train or miss it, your choice.

20-Mar-08 07:08 PM    Said...


"get the train or miss it, its your choice"

Well, until they add something else to the package, there are much better tools to use live, in my humble opinion. As i actually DID climb on this particular train, and slogged the journey for months (having actually bothered to learn synthesis of as many flavours and nomenclatures over the last 18 years of producing music), the results weren't satisfying ENOUGH for me.

Like everything in life, one man's meat...

And if daniel miller is reading this at all, do YOU personally ever listen to the demos that get sent to mute's A&R department?

21-Mar-08 05:06 AM

the locust    Said...

18 years and that daniel miller comment really says it all, doesnt it? ;)

sorry to say, you do not seem to know what you are talking about. elektron owners comment sums it up nicely.

do remember the monomachine MKII has been advertised with customized wavetables, this should be a way cool feature which would increase its sonic potential further. check the video...

21-Mar-08 07:15 AM


Elektron owners are stone deaf dumb-asses.

21-Mar-08 09:54 AM

me    Said...

Tried it for a couple days ... didn't like it. Don't like the music made on these either. To each their own.

22-Mar-08 07:06 PM

bungle in the ragga jungle    Said...

elektron machine drum gives the massive sound of ragga jungle and positive vibes its not just for glitch bug fuck music.

26-Mar-08 01:39 PM    Said...

the locust..

i think youve misconstrued the comment about daniel miller for me wanting a record deal?

Sorry mate, if i JUST had a record deal , ID BE IN DEBT. Ironically, perhaps you have a little more to learn about the business side of things too..use google if it helps. SOUNDTRACK WORK DOESNT NEED A RECORD DEAL..if i spelt it out any more clearer than that, i might as well hold up flags as well ;)

monomachine's are overrated and overpriced. I'll stand by that, simply cause im fortunate enough to have used a truckload of gear in my time for more than 5 DAYS or whatever the testing period actually is. The rationale is mindboggling, cause the results arent worth the money they go for. Dont take my word for it or even the words of people on this forum, bro. Go out there and find out WHY they dont sell by the shedload, and why a lot of distributors dont touch them. There are instruments that deliver LESS in terms of a sonic pallette, BUT sell by the shedload not only cause of brand identity/snobbery BUT because they sit well in and on top of a mix.

I daresay the monomachine may end up some kind of classic in another 10 years or so, but perhaps as a UNIQUE way of doing things, which isnt necessarily the BEST way.

26-Mar-08 05:24 PM    Said...

The machine drum, on the other hand is in a totally different league and worth a punt or two. It does what it says "on the tin" and MUCH MORE. :)

26-Mar-08 05:33 PM

R2DJ    Said...


dance music? that train has been sitting in the station since 1991 and it does not appear to be leaving anytime soon. dance music is made by dj wanna-bes that don't understand melody. the monomachine is perfect if you just want to make organized noise. monomachine and 303 totally overrated and totally played out.

28-Mar-08 01:29 PM

Pete Crosby    Said...

After watching this I took myself to SoundControl to have a look. Ended up buying the SPS-1 MKII and its amazing. Going to add some real depth to my beats.

Price is not for the faint hearted though but worth the pennies. Thanks Sonicstate for helping me spend my money. :)

29-Mar-08 10:27 AM

zinoff    Said...

I've got one MD-UW. It has a recognizable sound, you need to disguise it most of the time.

14-Apr-08 11:08 AM

rtmusic    Said...

I was an owner of the MonoMachine MK1 for two years. Within that time I put it to use on many electro/IDM tracks and a couple film soundtracks............ How do I rate it? It has a great low end and a very distinct "edge" to it's sound. The sequencer's song mode was never much use to me......... it can't compare to a DAW for proper song arrangement. The main challenge was in trying to lose the SID "pixie dust" quality. It served it's purpose for the time......... but I eventually sold it.

27-Apr-08 03:17 PM

Elektron Hope.    Said...

I too think these boxes are whey over priced. I know this is a small company, but to make somthing a complete success, you have to shift a serious amount of units. I brought my Monomachine MK2 off ebay.. brand new for... £700 sheets. I love it, but even £700 nuggets was too much. £599 is about right for these boxes..I don't feel spending £1000+ on a Monomachine or £1200+ on a Machinedrum uw is really justified. Also.. nothing new has really been released from Elektron camp.. what about a polyphonic synthesizer? .. but then again.. imagine how much somthing like that would cost? At the moment there just seems to be updates of current old machines. I really want a Machinedrum UW, but the prices have to be more realistic for me to buy one.. £599..GBP. because for barrage like £1000+ you could buy propper analogue synthersizers from the big boys in this market!!! These machines have been out for some time now.. it's time to lower the prices and gain a bigger slice of the Elektron dream.

13-Nov-08 11:32 AM

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