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selercs    Said...

finally a good demo. hannah needs to retire and go play his bass somewhere else! :)

17-Mar-08 11:10 AM

Dave Boudlen    Said...


17-Mar-08 03:14 PM

Motorcade    Said...

The presenter is good, and I believe he also runs roland forums and makes sound libraries...he has shown the real synthesis capabilities instead of the cheesy jazz EP demos I have been hearing so much. Let a synthesizer be a synthesizer.

Only thing I can suggest is if he can be more fluent in English - don't worry I understand this is his first presentation for Roland and his native language is probably not English.

17-Mar-08 04:08 PM    Said...

the roland upgrade to the phantom series is great, but imho, i think the yamaha motif line still wipes the floor with it for ease of use and stellar results.

Ive been using both for soundtrack work for years, but although roland sounds are sometimes fuller and more richer at the bottom end, yamaha win in terms of sheer workflow ease in their workstations.

Maybe if the new phantom's can be had a t street price for a little less, they could make up for the debacle of the last 5 or 6 years.

17-Mar-08 05:14 PM

Motorcade    Said...

Yamaha Motif's sounds never impressed me unfortunately. They sound very raw, natural, bright and thin. Yamaha says its because of not adding effects> I don't think so. For my Roland Fantom-X, I used to turn all the effects on, and the sample still sounded fatter and richer. Only advantage with Yamaha is its pattern sequencer and its 'natural character' for making acoustic sounds. I still prefer Roland and Korg overall for the warmth.

17-Mar-08 05:43 PM

Jazz Man    Said...

Nice Demo,I can see myself with this board.

17-Mar-08 05:58 PM

lxd    Said...

I will write my 3 second adieu with this machine. and I will video tape it, my head exploding.

17-Mar-08 11:30 PM

Artemiy    Said...

Hey guys, thanks a lot for the comments! Glad you liked the demo. It wasn't as polished as I'd want to, and not because of my English, but because it was one of the very very first takes I did. There will be a full 20-minute demo video that Roland filmed, it should be much better.

18-Mar-08 01:01 AM

bobbybland    Said...

Great Job Art you explained this board the best so far!Can't wait to test drive it!

19-Mar-08 12:17 PM

Jesse J from Finland    Said...

Very good demo. Based on this demo I made my final decision to purchase a Fantom G6. I also googled Artemiy and bought his tweakbook on the Fantoms. Very nice presentation indeed, hope he gets invited more often by Roland to make more of these demonstrations! (And longer and more in-depth)

20-Mar-08 04:59 AM    Said...

Motorcade, youre right on both points. A bit of outboard and eq'ing shoudl never go amiss when producing music per se i suppose. Either that or my ears and brain have adjusted to the differences over the years and i just eq mixdowns a certain way to compensate ;)

26-Mar-08 05:40 PM

Vincent    Said...

Ok very nice demo....,but here's something that needs to be answered.

If no SRX slots are in the board, and roland comes with a new called ARX how come they did not include 1 of the 2 available ARX boards? See this board got my attention alongside the Motif XS (which offers much much more Cubase AI4 Loyalty Program + xtra new patches and so on)

@artimiy is it a good board in combination wit the MV8800. Other hand the looks are very designisch and danggg

28-Mar-08 05:32 AM

Artemiy    Said...

You can't really compare the Motif XS to the Fantom-G, they are too different. Different sound, different feel, different workflow. I am the one who prefers Roland for all these three points, I just feel at home with their instruments. Comfortable work, predictable results while allowing for a lot of wild experiments.


As about the MV-8800, the way the G's sequencer works is now very close to it, so I am not sure why someone would have these two alongside. They are both workstations, and it makes more sense to get a V-Synth to add another world of sounds. Though I'd have the 8800 just for those vintage effects anyway ;-)

29-Mar-08 03:58 AM

JazzXR    Said...

ARTEMIOO!! You're not a computer :) you are REAL!! :O

12-Apr-08 06:16 AM

Marc    Said...

Yeah! That was very informative, intriguing and put some focus on a less known though very fascinating feature of the Fantom G series.

That's just the kind of demos I like to see, when I shall get attracted to a new piece of gear! Thanks a lot, Artemiy! Hope to see some more video demos soon (hopefully A LOT SOONER than Roland's own "Fantom Experience" website, where one still finds nothing, shame on you Roland!)

12-Apr-08 03:50 PM

Artemiy Pavlov    Said...


No, that was a hologram ;-)


There should be more videos soon, long ones that were shot by Roland at Messe.

15-Apr-08 05:23 AM

Peter Kadar    Said...

Excellent demo. I like how Artemiy used some very simple waveforms in the beginning to show how one can make fascinating patches from simple elements. Some of those sounds reminded me of my Microwave XT and its wavetable capabilities. Very well explained and delivered. I look forward to more.

21-Apr-08 06:16 PM

Peter Kadar    Said...

Hannah's good in a different kind of way, but Artemiy's cool too. I particularly liked how he took some very simple waveforms, and then showed some very creative variations and possiblites with them. Some of the sounds had a real wavetable vibe to them that reminded me of my Microwave XT.

21-Apr-08 06:42 PM

Peter Kadar    Said...


I thought my first review didn't get posted, so I wrote a 2nd one. My bad. Cheers!

21-Apr-08 06:43 PM

ant    Said...


13-Aug-08 08:09 PM

JMuzik    Said...

Well don Art! About time someone shoped the sonic capabilities of the Fantom G, im sick of Roland always using simple Hip hop , jazz or R&B Demos on these electronic work stations,These machines are great for Trance techno etc, but they always do those stupid jazz & Hip hop demos with the Roland products, dont get me wrong i like all music, but seriously u dont need a fully fledged work station to make them type of songs,these work stations are great for Trance techno etc & i wish they would release Trance techno Pad Textured sounds & Vocal modelling vocoder ARX boards im so sick of the basic Piano, Organ Strings what a joke! Good on you Art bought your Tweak book & all your sound packs Fantastic, though alot more patches rather then Samples would have been better but still, Roland should employ you to shop off there Groove box, mv 8800, V synth xt & fantom G products again Well Done!!!!

07-Apr-09 04:19 AM

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