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MESSE08: The Drums Are Bright, The Drums Are Orange
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Phil    Said...

Cool, but why not just hook up a drum trigger set to a sampler, either software or hardware.

15-Mar-08 01:47 AM

Michael    Said...

Hmm, it seems neat, but I'm afraid I couldn't play live with an orange kit!

I don't see how it could use REAL drum heads either, without it sounding like a roto-tom.

Hooking up with BFD or Toontrack would be cool, but you'd have to compress those samples so much, that you'd get a Roland sound, which is the exact opposite of what you want to do, right?

Great start, here!

16-Mar-08 08:45 PM

JJ    Said...

I'm in love with the look of the kit. Not just the Orange, but the rack itself! Amazing, swift Swedish design.

Re Compression: There's probably a reason samples will have to be converted to their proprietary format. It's more than likely they do some sort of lossless sort of thing.

Way to go guys!

26-Mar-08 08:23 PM

Emre    Said...

1/ But how does it feel compared to real acoustic drums, in terms of mimicking reality, and how does it compare to the Roland TD-20, and the Yamaha DXTreme III/IV.

2/ What is the actual quality of sound, and the quality and realism of output, is it sufficient to make a professional recording ? How does it compare with the other players ?

3/ Why is it so flimsy ? the thing shakes and has terrible connectors to the cast aluminum body. Yamaha recently made the skeliton much better, and infinetely flexible ball/joint connectors, can't they copy them?

4/ How does the technology of the trigger system, response time, operating conditions, etc of the technology compare with the TD-20 and Yamaha ?

5/ Why don't they have those special Yamaha knobs on the toms, and snare drums ? That would be very useful.

29-Jul-08 09:24 PM

Steve    Said...

This has now been released - take a look...

28-Aug-08 10:58 AM

johnnyT    Said...

I wouldn't even compare the Drumit 5 with Rolands top of the range TD20. I still find the TD20 very toyish and not a professional piece of kit. Imo the samples are awful.

06-Jan-09 04:35 AM


I am a professional drummer/educator with long time experience from playing both DDRUM 2 and V-drums kits live. I mainly play acoustic drums though and I'm picky about the feel and sound of my drums. The other day I actually got my hand on a 2box kit, and have to tell you: These things are good.

Pros: -The FEEL: Not one second did it occur to me that I was playing a digital kit, no technique ajustment needed. -The "flimsy" hardware was actually sturdy AND lightweight. -Decent price tag -You can get it in any color you want, as long as it's orange. Cons: -Still no e-kit on the market with better than OK acoustic drum sounds.

02-Sep-09 07:41 AM

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