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MESSE08: VST and VSTi Without A Computer
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m-clis    Said...

And the reason is... What?

13-Mar-08 07:25 AM

lotus-eater    Said...

The reason? I thought it was pretty obvious: not having to bring a laptop to a gig. Looks pretty smart to me, and a lot more affordable than some other live VST solutions I've seen.

13-Mar-08 08:41 AM

GuruOne    Said...

.... Goodbye Receptor


Rich (Guru #1)

13-Mar-08 08:41 AM

imaginaryday    Said...

guruone, i was thinking the same thing "goodbye receptor". Receptor price is insane. out of reach for most of us. hopefully these units are more accessible money wise.

13-Mar-08 03:37 PM

JasonS    Said...

Was excited- but then realized you have to load it via an external USB drive- there must be a performance hit I would think. Looks like a Roland Sonic Cell without internal sounds but can host vsti's- should be interesting to see how the price point is- could cost as much as a laptop.

13-Mar-08 04:45 PM

Beken One    Said...

looks very ASIC based so hacking it wouldn't be any fun or nessesary, the Chips should do the job well. Ill still use my receptor. but this is looking very interesting.....very interesting. and there price range is quite nice


14-Mar-08 09:55 PM

finleysound    Said...

The V-Pedal looks promising. I wonder if it allows you to route/mix multiple VST effects together.

15-Mar-08 08:21 PM

wondewanker    Said...

The latency of the pedal would be probably the most crucial spec for me.

Is it posted anywhere.

16-Mar-08 09:17 PM

wonderwanker    Said...

Woops I see in the video he says under 1 ms.

Woo Hooo!!!!!

I want it!!!

16-Mar-08 10:21 PM

ezza61    Said...

yeah my cousin made this pedal in his company.. he brought it over and I was able to give it a go with my guitar. Its a great piece of machinery.. way better than my multi effects pedal I got. Its because changing the effects and settings is so easy.

18-Mar-08 12:01 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

I guess this is built for relatively small, non sample-based plug-ins as it has the memory restriction.

No loading my M-Tron or VSM into this thing :(

19-Mar-08 08:59 PM

Anomoly    Said...

If you could get one of these for under $300 U.S. then they might have a shot... anything over $500 i might as well build my own seperate PC to run my VST's and VSTI's.

I would be interested to see how it handles larger libraries such as Giga, EWQL, and NI stuff if it could handle that stuff 16 atleast channels out and not choke... i would consider it but again under $300

20-Mar-08 11:57 PM

vinylistics    Said...

well the price of the v-box is 399,- euros! wow, that's cool! the pedal will be around 1259,- euros and that is still a nice shot to me. the cool thing is: you can stream samples from your usb stick or harddisk - i've seen it live at messe. and it will also be available for mac and linux! so you can now play all your pc plugs on mac on linux and e.g. route them with soundflower to any sequencer!

the v-box will be mine!!!

26-Mar-08 02:31 AM

eddie    Said...

C'mon the v-box is so interesting why this dick head keep on asking about the dam pedal, for fuck sake a more detailed video on each would help.

23-May-08 09:23 AM

tartracks    Said...

i wanna know if it's multi channel.

11-Jul-08 11:57 AM

Kraftwerk    Said...

It´s run with "pirated" software?

24-Jun-10 08:43 PM

Kraftwerk    Said...

It runs with not original vst´s?

24-Jun-10 08:44 PM

Kraftwerk    Said...

it run without original vst´s?

24-Jun-10 08:44 PM

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