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MESSE08: Yamaha Send An Audiogram
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Johnny Rotten    Said...

The drivers for the Audiogram3 on my laptop running Vista 32 are terrible...Plus there is no way to turn down the direct signal!! For a unit that is marketed somewhat towards guitar players this makes no sense! The only way to hear the processed signal on its own in your headphones is to turn down the input control which lowers the input signal of your guitar! Otherwise you will hear both the dry signal and processed signal from your DAW at the same time! Madness!

Unless Yamaha bring out better drivers with proper monitor support in the next week (unlikely) then I will have no choice but to return the Audiogram3...

Think about it, An audio interface bundled with a DAW which doesn't allow monitor control?? I have no idea if this is the case with the 6 version..

I bought this because I'm a Cubase 4 user and I thought it would be cool to have a product that was created with Cubase in mind but boy was I wrong!

16-Oct-08 03:34 PM

Kel    Said...

Same problem for me; not being able to switch off monitor mode makes this pretty useless for any task that requires the processed signal to be monitored through the same output. I was already going to return it for some other issues, but I decided to keep it but now I'm wishing I had returned it when I had the chance!

07-Nov-09 12:21 PM

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