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MESSE08: Emulator X3 Launched
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Jeff    Said...

I was told by a number of people that EMU was out of business. So, I guess those rumors were exaggerated.

Whats up with that?

14-Mar-08 02:03 PM

e-mu man    Said...

No creative bought E-Mu but they still are in buisness.They just don't make the scene every few months with new products but they are still here! Thank goodness..

19-Mar-08 10:16 PM

andrew    Said...

I always look forward to great products from EMU. Hope they are in business for the rest of my playing days. I think they still have alot to offer the consumer.

23-Mar-08 06:57 AM

Studiowaves    Said...

yep, I agree, I have two emu's 2000s. The patch cords are what separates the men from the boys. I've gotten a very enjoyable grand piano. I use one module for the sympathetic resonance and the other for the grand piano.

10-Apr-08 05:02 AM

Peter Kadar    Said...

I miss their hardware synths and samplers. Great user interfaces, and lots of exciting filters and parameters to explore.

21-Apr-08 06:48 PM

boy    Said...

Its sa loada rubbish.

01-Jul-08 01:30 AM

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