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On the Road: Siouxsie Sioux Part 2
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victor_bln    Said...

Haha she's still playing "Hong Kong garden", cool!

05-Mar-08 11:40 PM

Robbie    Said...

Did anyone else think this was a waste of 7 minutes? I love Siouxsie's work, but I have no interest in watching her bandmembers eat pizza or dye their hair. A discussion of song interpretation, playing technique, etc. would be great, but not who's got the glitteriest shoes.

06-Mar-08 04:21 PM

Nick B    Said...

Robbie, i can understand you wanting more of the inside info - in fact the intention is to get some moree tech, and I believe this is coming soon. It's hard to be precise in these situations, and we're just lucky to have Steve give us his time at all.

Thanks for your comments

07-Mar-08 03:10 AM

Ted    Said...

Robbie, you only wasted 7 minutes.... i was with them for 7 months. And that pizza wasn't that great.

09-Mar-08 05:20 AM

Bonzer    Said...

Thanks for posting the diary segments, it's interesting to see what happens backstage and in between shows. Now, we know-bum tanning. Which makes sense, feel sexy in your pants, project sexy to the world...

Any footage from the Beatrice Inn party?

09-Mar-08 10:08 AM

Wolf    Said...

boring. who cares about these guys? There wasn't much of Amanda in this segment. Why not?

09-Mar-08 02:37 PM

linda    Said...

Its fantastic! where is part 3??

24-Mar-08 01:02 AM

linda again    Said...

...I dont want to be overly demanding or anything.. I just read the other comments,and I see that some people are just not satisfied with what they get.(but I mean..will they ever?? Grrr...) I guess if you put a one hour footage of Siouxsie soundchecking or whatever in there, next time they will be asking for a two hour interview..:( I,m sure that there are some people though that actually enjoyed what you posted. (like me.)

24-Mar-08 01:12 AM

Nick    Said...

There's a new episode up just now

08-Apr-08 05:53 AM

Robbie Fett (Bristol)    Said...

Steve thanks for this I really enjoyed it

09-Nov-09 06:40 AM

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