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Podcast: Sonic TALK 078 - Play it Again BIll
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Ryan a.k.a Trus1te    Said...

Hello! I happen to have a song in production at the moment...

I am running:

ER-1 MKII (FX Drums) ESX-1 MKII (Tr-808 Samples+Saw Bass) PolyEvolver (Custom Patch "Alien Strings) JP-8000 (Custom Classic SuperSaw)

FL Studio 6 for midi arrangement

This is all running through a Behringer Eurorack (bleh) and monitored with a pair of Wharfedale 8.1's.

Let me know if you're interested at all.

I do breakbeats

05-Mar-08 08:30 PM

Ian Webster (Krakli Software)    Said...

Another great show, well done for battling through the technical probs.

I was interested in hearing your experience with something sounding 'better' when noise was added. one of my more recent VSTis S3 has a tunable noise oscillator and although it becomes an obvious sound with the level turned up, at really low levels it adds a certain something to the sound. I believe that our nervous system becomes intrigued when it is aware of a sound that is 'not quite there'. Purity is not always attractive to us, it seems.

06-Mar-08 07:12 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Nice podcast again, shame there'll be none next week but I'm looking forward to the Messe videos!

06-Mar-08 01:29 PM

Richard Hilton    Said...

i've missed you guys while i've been mending, and very much appreciate the kind thoughts.

very much looking forward to resuming participation in the podcasts....

best, Rich

08-Mar-08 08:36 AM

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