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Podcast: Sonic Talk 076 - New Ableton Instrument? Old Yamaha FX
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GuruOne    Said...

Non-Eric is BANG on the money

Kill (c) and we will all evolve much quicker

If that's what we desire, of course :) hehe

Actually, the solution is very simple.... 50 yrs becomes 50 weeks.... It FORCES innovation

Money/royalties can be given under a different scheme altogether, maybe based on some form of diminishing returns

21-Feb-08 06:37 AM

GuruOne    Said...

(I forgot..)

ps. If you want interaction, simply do a Skypecast.... Warning: It'd be a good idea to have a pre-screener to eliminate the "nobs"

21-Feb-08 06:58 AM

Nick    Said...

Thanks, I'll look into that, it's live though isnt it? Might be a bit scary!

21-Feb-08 07:06 AM

Dan Austin    Said...

Gentlemen, I would just like to say that I enjoy the podcasts and have listened to most of them. The gathered panel of experts encourages, enlightens, and always entertains. Cheers

22-Feb-08 07:00 PM

Condra    Said...

Keep up the good work. Noneric is the best!

23-Feb-08 10:18 PM

Tyler    Said...

I don't reckon you guys for shoegazers, but don't forget the reverse reverb from the SPX-90 was Kevin Shield's weapon of choice for his wild guitar sounds on the seminal album Loveless by My Bloody Valentine. It's amazing what that little box and a cranked amp will do.

27-Feb-08 05:09 AM

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