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Top 20 Weirdest Instruments - Episode 2
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Antonio Sage    Said...

What's so weird about Joe Meek? I am not sure how that segment became a part of this particular episode. Still, I love these, keep em coming!

15-Feb-08 08:11 AM

a fan    Said...

What's weird about Joe Meek? WOW! Antonio, you have some serious homework to do!

15-Feb-08 08:46 AM

fiddle    Said...

Where's the Professor gone?! He funny. we like.

19-Feb-08 07:08 AM

Simon Power    Said...

Hi Fiddle. Not enough Professor in this one for you? Not to worry. There's plenty to come including a clip from his never-seen-before series, 'Synth Island!'

19-Feb-08 09:50 AM

Steampunk    Said...

Why do you keep using that little novation sketch? You should sing more Shamen instead "move any mountain!"

20-Feb-08 06:17 PM

Simon Power    Said...

The prof does plenty of singing in the Top 5 Greatest Sampler series (see link)including his lounge version of Move Any Mountain...As for the laptop sketch, it was used in the ads for the series we ran last year, but those were just teasers for the series. Thanks for watching!

25-Feb-08 07:49 AM

Soup    Said...

compression isn't an instrument...

12-Mar-08 05:56 PM

tommy    Said...

Where can you get that bass I have to have it!!

27-May-08 10:08 AM

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