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Podcast: Sonic TALK - 075 Five Grammies! And a Hotz Box
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dekky    Said...

best one in ages.

thanx for that guys

14-Feb-08 11:42 AM

Greg66666    Said...

I agree that the internet has made hard-print music magazines almost obsolete and an afterthought considering that up-to-date cutting edge information about the industry can be had almost instantaneously on the web. However, it's fun and informative to go back to hardprint magazines a year or so after they come out and see, retrospectively, what you think of a product after all that time. There's no guarantee that a weblink and associated information will still be available after all that time.

The number one great thing about music information on websites like yours and others is the tradeshow coverage. Prior to the year 2000 when I really became aware of these tradeshows due to video reports (and in 2000 the reports were really creaky Model-T stuff) I had no idea such tradeshows existed and there would be no way I could afford going to NAMM Winter and Summer and Musikmesse. Thanks for that most of all.

14-Feb-08 01:58 PM    Said...

I'm going to listen to this one tonight..

I just wanted to say that I listened to all of the episodes.. It took a long time, since I listened to one every night..

I always look forward to every episode, and I really wish you had 2 a week.. ;)

btw I LOVE the FM synthesis tuts..

14-Feb-08 08:55 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Brilliant and highly entertaining stuff! Especially the first half with all the annecdotes.

15-Feb-08 04:29 AM

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