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WNAMM08: Behringer DDM4000 DJ Mixer
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well ok    Said...

looks nice, seems ok. Dunno if it will compete (specs wise) with the Korg Zero

01-Feb-08 01:25 PM

Ryan    Said...

I don't detect any any sarcasm in in the voice of the poster. Nope, none at all :)

03-Feb-08 11:59 AM

jeez...    Said...

for the love of God behringer...gets some product specialist that KNOW about the products and can demo them....9/10 of their specialists act like interns who just started working there last week..

29-Feb-08 11:22 AM

Im fantastic    Said...

Mine arrives tomorrow.

The optimist in me is going to assume that since I havent actually heard a single specific thing said thats wrong with it that maybe people are just willing it to be bad or find it hard to believe.

I really want this thing to be good.

Oh and I did hear one thing bad about it. The lights are to bright and are annoying... Honestly. haha, thats it

27-Jul-08 08:30 PM

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