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Podcast: Sonic TALK - 073 Post NAMM Post Mortem
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Ryan    Said...

In response to the Native Instruments thread, they are basically biting chunks into their bottom line by making their material more accessible to users. Demand increases as price drops.

They probably just need more funding for their current projects. Its like when a company issues more stock. I try to ignore it.

31-Jan-08 01:15 PM

Guido in Alaska    Said...

Thank you all for your excellent efforts.

Any word on the Tenori-on release in the USA from your pals at Yamaha?

31-Jan-08 01:22 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great podcast! Concerning the new Kore soundpacks, I think it's marvellous stuff. I own Kore 2 and I got the Electric Organ and the Reaktor soundpack and they are great tasters for the complete versions of the software. Also, considering the 8 sound variations per 'preset' and the Kore 2 basic editing functions you can actually tweak them quite considerably and play them very expressively. Considering the width of the NI product pallette, going in-depth with attention to accessability of their products and ease of use, NI's new direction makes perfect sense to me.

Good to hear the show has so many fans too, you guys do a great job!

31-Jan-08 02:11 PM

I am legend    Said...

I vote Ozzie O. for a regular spot



31-Jan-08 11:42 PM

dizny    Said...

Kurzweil K2500 has actually allowes using live input in a buffer. you can choose the live input as the sound source for any algorithim. that means you can reverse it, filter, waveshape, etc., while having full polyphonic control over the sound and it's pitch from the keyboard. Given the available 48 voices, you can do all of these things simultaneously, segregated into different zones of the keyboard, if you wish, all within a single multi-layer patch.

01-Feb-08 08:28 PM

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