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WNAMM08:Oasys OS 1.3 Gets You Horny
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Oliver Chesler,    Said...

Very nice and "clear" sounding.

29-Jan-08 08:44 AM

snell    Said...

What a superb sound. ONLY Korg can achieve this!

29-Jan-08 12:17 PM

clearly perfectionist    Said...

Learn the termo, weirdo; it's not clear sounding, it's high-fidelic...slap me some skin.

31-Jan-08 08:38 PM

swin    Said...

Okay, so usually intelligence is a necessary condition for making enough money to be able to afford to spend some of it on this fancy toy. That's what's confusing me-if one is intelligent HOW can one see value in this expensive toy? Is this just targeting the inherently-rich, youth market?

31-Jan-08 08:54 PM

Yada    Said...

I wonder if Korg has added way to do legato with this high end mega-sampler. Try playing trills with brass and woodwind samples- yuck. For all that money you would hope so. The new Yamaha Motif XS has nice articulations and legato now.

01-Feb-08 10:15 PM

Mauro Rosati    Said...

Someone can fix this video? Is it possible that anyone has realized that stops at about 3 minutes?

27-Feb-08 05:36 AM

Peter Kadar    Said...

The MOD-7 seems really cool. I hope they fix this video.

As for the value of Oasys... well, they're about $8500 in Canada.. If you add up what you'd pay for an 88 note high end workstation, a B3 simulator, several high quality VA synths, an FM synth, a hard disk recorder, then consider the convenience of the integration, and the stability of the OS, it might make sense to those who can afford it. I can't afford one of these, but I DO love how it sounds for sure.

21-Apr-08 07:05 PM

Geoff    Said...

Video still isn't fixed as of August 21 2008! Would love to hear the rest of it but it freezes up then resets after 3 minutes. Help? Somehow 8 months later I don't think they're gonna do squat to fix it : |

21-Aug-08 05:22 PM

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