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WNAMM08: CME Show New Digital Desk
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funkdefino    Said...

It's no wonder this digital mixer slipped under the radar...

Did I mention it's digital? Because what is really important is that it is digital. Not analog. Digital. It looks analog but really.... it's digital.

29-Jan-08 07:50 AM

mud    Said...

CME are rubbish

29-Jan-08 02:06 PM

CJ    Said...

I second that, no driver, no driver. That funny , there drivers dont even work on there CME keyboard. Dont beleave me go read there newgroups board.

30-Jan-08 07:57 PM

selercs    Said...

why you are being so harsh on him? his native language is not english, but he's brave enough to speak up. korg/roland/yamaha constantly put americans to introduce their products...japanese know the business tricks more than chinese or germans.

15-Feb-08 11:08 PM

z    Said...

Mark my words in 10 years CME is going to be HUGE! They're going through some growing pains now (*cough* Drivers) but, they're on the right track with some interesting products that just need some bugs worked out.

17-Mar-08 03:53 PM

Ins0mniak    Said...

Agreed... I don;t see the point in being so hard on these guys. For such a young company and a short timeframe, they've accomplished a lot! Doesn't Yamaha distribute for them now too? Once the get a handle on what we wnat in a controller (and control surface), they will be huge!

28-Mar-08 03:40 PM

Patrick    Said...

CME from what I have heard, is the maker of the keyboards in the Yamaha MOTIF line.

15-Jun-08 10:41 PM

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