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WNAMM08: Harvestman Modules
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I am legend    Said...

Is this dude in the witness protection program, or something? haha

Sound of "Rolling thunder".... more like farting frogs

28-Jan-08 11:45 AM

snox    Said...

awesome farting frogs though

28-Jan-08 05:07 PM

ENDIF    Said...

Great demo! Scott is a f***ing genius, and his modules are both inspired in design and solidly constructed

I have the Polivoks and Malgorithm already, and I will most definitely be getting the rest of the line as it is released.

29-Jan-08 09:58 AM

Oliver Chesler,    Said...

Ok... did he do a lot of blow right before this interview?

Amazing modules... well needed!!!!

29-Jan-08 01:42 PM

BoBo    Said...

I think he was just a bit nervous. His stuff is excellent!

29-Jan-08 06:01 PM

mike brown    Said...

scott rules

31-Jan-08 10:10 PM

Some Punk    Said...

... really cool stuff.. I like the idea of digital mangling in an analogue modular... wish it wasn't so pricey :(

€480 for a filter module seems like a lot of cash to me...

02-Feb-08 02:30 PM

astroschnautzer    Said...

its more like $195 For the polivoks filter.

03-Feb-08 11:18 AM

hephner    Said...

dope ass instrument, but this guy needs a girlfriend

10-Feb-08 09:11 PM

surachai    Said...

scott fucking rules you.

23-Feb-08 07:12 PM

W.    Said...

This is just great stuff. Memories of the olden days- *early 80's* I wonder why the gate outputs on the Zorlon spec. out at +12 Volts high ?- thought doepfer likes to see 5 to 8 Volt range for this ? Awsome none the less. ~W.~

29-Feb-08 11:57 PM

iSv    Said...

Scott is a mad audio scientist and we love him to death! Awesome machines from a great guy.

02-Apr-08 02:44 PM

Machinate    Said...

I really f**king love these modules! Seriously, how come that one flightcase has sooo much potential? It's MAD!

I think Scott may have a touch of the ol' autism going, even though the SonicState cam shoved in ones face does add a certain... edge to the presentation... I've been there!

27-Jun-08 10:57 AM

john    Said...

one of the new breed who i think in years to come will be seen as pure genius , buchla. moog - add these guys - scotts quirky as fuk but i am sure glad he is !

12-May-09 07:44 AM

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