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WNAMM08: Steinberg VST3 Explained
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wolfie    Said...


"You, The User, gain NOTHING from VST3. This should be clear from the outset. The marketing points in the Steinberg press release are referencing shit that is included, almost entirely, in VST2.4. There is nothing in the VST3 kit that makes anything better, faster, stronger, lower CPU, lower latency, more likely to get you laid, anything. Don't believe the hype."

30-Jan-08 04:52 AM

DSP    Said...

As a developer, I feel I must respond to what has been said here.

Clearer documentation - well as for what has been released just yet, the documentation is scant, and reveals very little. Mostly we need to pick through the code to get some idea of what might or might not be going on.

Not processing silence - this is dubious. There are methods of doing this sort of thing in VST2.4, if anyone bothers to write it. But, when do you know that a reverb is finally outputting silence? Look out for truncated tails!

Surround - whilst there may be grand designs for this, it will only work if implemented! Don't go expecting 5.1 chorus units just yet.

Cross Platform - within reason. The code is still not totally compiler or IDE agnostic, as we would hope. Work arounds are needed for those who wish use those environments not favoured by Steinberg. Also the SDK may be free for download, but it's license is not totally free wrt Open Source projects.

Developers excited - well, it's certainly been long awaited, but not well received. visit for views from actual developers.

Releases within 15days? by March? I think not.

Overall, Steinberg are promoting a marketing tool, rather than an actual innovation. They are within their rights to do so, and their shareholders will expect them to pursue it for commercial gain. However, it is shortsighted and may ultimately bring their own marginalisation if developers shun it.

30-Jan-08 05:13 AM

Phil Dunlop    Said...

Better stability? Developers have been begging steinberg to improve the documentaion for years. Especialy regarding threading, which is main issue regarding stability in multicore. And they did nothing. And now they release a new SDK with incomplete docs and next to nothing about the threading enviroment again. And they think it will improve stability because they forced MVC on everyone!

Its like giving a learner driver a crash helmet but not teaching him the highway code. Its effing ridiculous.

30-Jan-08 06:10 AM

Admiral Quality    Said...

Liar! How do these people sleep at night?

30-Jan-08 12:33 PM

Disgruntled    Said...

15 days? The SDK isn't even compatible with the current version of their products!

This is pure marketing bullshit

30-Jan-08 04:34 PM

AU    Said...

VST is DONE on OSX, this is another load of hyped B.S. by a failin, short-sighted company.

12-Feb-08 04:45 PM

egg    Said...

Steinberg should be tried for war crimes!

15-Apr-08 10:55 AM

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