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WNAMM08: Nicks (late) Phone Report
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OMG.... a shirtless Nick, never again plz

You bring new meaning to the terms white, pasty and Englishman



ps. Dave's voice = LMAO

28-Jan-08 06:06 AM

Nick    Said...

Yeah, sorry about that folks - it was a spur of the moment thing - it wont happen again, I promise.. :-)

28-Jan-08 06:20 AM

Mike    Said...

Nick, that was a great one! I did watched all of your reports as a first thing in the morning. Really did enjoy every bit of it. I always do.

Thanks for the coverage. Nice one .


28-Jan-08 08:06 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks Mike, glad I didnt scare you off! More to come, analogue synth madness today..

28-Jan-08 04:06 PM

Kieran    Said...

Cool vid. Thanks again. always a pleasure to watch the show reports. And a podcast again!

31-Jan-08 10:14 AM    Said...

No need to appologise Nick, is worthwhile waiting for sonicstate video's. you guys bring the best (video) coverage. Enjoy watching your coverages for years. pls don't change the format.

01-Feb-08 01:36 PM

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