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WNAMM08: Virus TI Upgrade
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audio fan    Said...

With access music, they just keep pushing the envelope development wise, i mean the virus ti, has had sustained feature releases, expansion in terms of patches, and its set to continue. A great investment if you by a TI, you really are getting a current product even a couple of years after release. Other synth makers should sit and take note here,

26-Jan-08 12:56 AM

Nick    Said...

Yeah, I would agree. Kudos where it's due. I know they got some stick about the early Ti software, but they have more than made up for it with the on-going development of this system.

27-Jan-08 01:15 PM

yeah    Said...

for this same reason i like Novation. Love companies who keep devoted to theire products and users. Roland and Yamaha totally screwed up on this.

27-Jan-08 06:30 PM

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