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WNAMM08: Gibson In Bed With TC
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Bummed    Said...

TC is doomed, just like the other companies Gibson "merges" with.

22-Jan-08 12:06 PM

MCal    Said...

OMG!!!!!! TC is the next Opcode :-( A very sad day....

22-Jan-08 05:28 PM

DBM    Said...

well good buy powercore :(

We miss you opcode / ob

22-Jan-08 09:32 PM

pgio    Said...

The only hope is a NeXT-style reverse takeover. Maybe TC could be the ones to storm Gibson's technological Bastille!

23-Jan-08 06:08 AM

peabreu    Said...

Sad...another going down the drain...yes, old Opcode users will never forget how Gibson destroyed the best sequener ever...

23-Jan-08 04:19 PM

X    Said...

Maybe gibson will let them do Oberheim software synths!

23-Jan-08 07:24 PM

Paul    Said...

See ya, TC. I'll never forgive Gibson for what they did to Opcode. You are doomed as well.

25-Jan-08 10:38 PM

me    Said...

too bad

26-Jan-08 10:27 AM

Nick B    Said...

yeah, it's hard to find anyone with a good thing to say about this particular merger/acquisition. Not sure how it all fits together..

28-Jan-08 06:24 AM

C-YA    Said...

The consumer is the real loser here. Hate to see you go T.C.

30-Mar-08 02:22 PM

njranger    Said...

hey sorry to be so dense...looking into an employment opportunity at gibson, just poking around, and saw your feedback - not positive!

please advise your thoughts on gibson guitar company, management team, etc. thanks a lot

20-Jun-08 01:01 PM

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