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WNAMM08: Here's Omnisphere...
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I am legend    Said...

Is this the result of having more money than sense? hehe

22-Jan-08 07:30 AM


Maybe, but you can just tell it's going to be all over the likes of Heroes, Lost and CSI by this time next year.

22-Jan-08 10:07 AM

beej    Said...

I just watched the Sonic State video, and I'm really pleased - I've been banging on about organic synthesis for some years now. I've wanted a good synthesiser, but using something other than just static waveforms as source material. Physical models are about the closest I've come to getting the kind of results I've had in mind - Logic's Sculpture is great for this, although it's not an easy beast to tame and get predictable results out of.

Of course, any rompler can play back samples through a synth engine, and on a basic level Omnisphere is capable of doing that. But it seems that the Specs really get the idea of true synthesis, but with a much more organic and interesting vibe. I want a synthesesir to be a synthesiser, but have characteristics more like acoustic instruments, where the behaviour is random, full of life and interesting, but without being too unpredicatable or chaotic.

Preferably without having to rig up stack loads of mod sources to recreate something similar.

How where Omnisphere delivers on this, and just what you can do with those starting sources remains to be seen - I don't think it's exactly like what I've had in mind, but I very much liked what I heard.

So yeah, bring on the Organic Synthesis!

(ANd yep, as the above poster said, it's going to be every TV/film composers fun new toy for quite some time...)

22-Jan-08 10:39 AM

I am legend    Said...

hmmm.... I admit it sounds nice

BUT, it reminds me so much of EVERY weird (a given) Reaktor patch I've heard, so why do we need this?

I guess competition is a good thing

22-Jan-08 11:07 AM

Steveo    Said...

Ha ha ha thats the maddest and coolest thing I've seen in years ! Sampling a burning piano - sheer genius.

Pity its a bit on the pricey side for a softsynth.

50Gig library ! Wowza.

22-Jan-08 05:48 PM

phraggle    Said...

Looks like a brilliant piece of "gear" - burning pianos indeed. Almost worth the price of admission alone...

Also, if you already own Atmosphere, you get a discount on Omnisphere apparently.

23-Jan-08 03:02 PM

Said    Said...

radddddddd lol, burning up pianos , muhahahahaha :D:D:D

24-Jan-08 02:52 PM

Bungled    Said...

He should sample us all snoring. More of the same. Go listen to a SY77 from like 20 years ago... Sounds the same. You can get a TG77 on ebay (yeah, real hardware without the crashes and problems of softsynths!) for like $100.

26-Jan-08 07:45 AM

DSW    Said...

Is a burning piano really useful in a musical context. Sound more like a joke.

09-Feb-08 05:54 AM

Dresden    Said...

A usergroup board for the Omnisphere - OmniTalk - is online now.

28-Sep-08 08:24 AM

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