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WNAMM08: Digidesign On Video
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old    Said...

old news already been using it for years in better DAW's

29-Jan-08 07:48 PM

HollywoodMixer    Said...

EXCELLENT UPDATE, Now we can use this NEW state of the art time-stretch code to make future Pro Tools-recorded top 200 Billboard Hits even easier to record, engineer, and produce than previous successful hits.

29-Jan-08 09:29 PM

old    Said...

more power to ya Mr. Hollywood lol i make hits to on sonar 7 and many more advanced workstations and iv been on the billboard charts plenty of times my self

30-Jan-08 04:05 AM

mkzm    Said...

And why is the best selling daw the wort out of the crop?

30-Jan-08 04:07 AM

zar    Said...

i export my mix to pro tools just so the bitchy people get what they want in audio format never do mixing in it much better apps for that open your mind Mr hollywood LOL!

30-Jan-08 04:12 AM

ins0mniak    Said...

Hollywood. There are people out there still feeling nostalgic using 30 year old synths... that doesn't mean there aren't better tools out there. Protools being the industry standard has already started to change.

28-Mar-08 03:51 PM

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