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WNAMM08: Create Beats On The Go
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frank    Said...

I don't get it. For that price you can buy a laptop...

Even a nintendo ds with homebrew software can do that. And with a whole lot nicer display.

21-Jan-08 06:09 AM

glxblt    Said...

I think it seems nice. And you won't get much of a laptop with 500 dollars.

..and Nintendo DS's touch screen really doesn't match the mpc pads. :)

21-Jan-08 08:14 AM

Frank    Said...

Seems a bit silly that they'd create an entirely new product like this. Why not just dump the soundset into the MPC500 and replace the tiny screen with this new, bigger one? Surely that'd be smarter (and cheaper) than building a separate model that seems to serve the same purpose.

21-Jan-08 10:06 AM

Zakkariah    Said...

meh, looks like crap. once the sounds become dated your stuck, unless you can re flash the ROM via usb or midi, with a soundset of your choice. :)

21-Jan-08 07:45 PM

Gabe    Said...

Man the Akai XR 20 was weak!!! The sounds are already dated and tired!!!! I played with it at namm and was shocked with how bad it sucked!! The sequencer was even bad!

29-Jan-08 08:07 PM

Rashad    Said...

I played it at NAMM in Anaheim, Ca and it sounds tight! If I can get that sound set in the 5000 I'll just get a 5000. But it was a cool machine to play with to be so little and have such phat sounds.

02-Feb-08 12:59 AM

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