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WNAMM08: Solaris Shines
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Ryan    Said...

As much as I love analog, it doesn't sound analog at all.

It sounds digital. And its beautiful for it.

Reminds me of listening to the Vangelis sound tracks from the eighties.

It will be a great synth if he fininshes it with a polish (unlike the fella who produced the Hartman Nueron)

Great Work Mr Bowen!!!

20-Jan-08 10:36 AM

Nede    Said...

It sounds fabulous, the modulations section is monstrous and the sound possibilities are exponential. Finally something worth saving money for. I really hope he gets it off the ground. It will probably be one of the most in demand for film composers and experimentalist like myself. Great work John.....gotta save this video.


20-Jan-08 12:23 PM

stardust    Said...

Much too early to judge the sound. The scope plugin sounds analog (as you call it) and digital (based on the wavetables) at the same time. this interview shows a lot of the promising wavetable OSCs and not much about the analo (virtual analog) OSCs.

So guys it is by far too ealy to conclude. I am sure it will be both and more.

thanks John for this insight. I see it growing.

20-Jan-08 02:59 PM

stranger    Said...

I wonder what happened to the "coding guy" he mentioned at the end.

Looks impreessive. Sort of like Xpander/Neuron.

21-Jan-08 05:29 AM

the k2 plan (    Said...

Being a soundtrack guy and live player, for some reason im not as impressed as i should be.

I think the problem is that although john bowen is another unsung hero like marcus ryle, i like seeing stuff thats FINISHED, rather than in mid stage. Im also wondering about the price point, and someone here has already mentioned the hartman neuron which was a disaster. I cant see it being a failiure, but its not gonna be cheap.

The good side is that potentially its one of the most powerful bits of hardware out there right now.

21-Jan-08 07:04 AM

Fxslice    Said...

Great sytnh! I don't know about quality!?

21-Jan-08 11:02 AM

Stranger    Said...

It's going to be awesome!

Hats off to John Bowen. He's done an amazing job translating an extremely complex software piece into a comprehensible hardward piece. Kudos!

22-Jan-08 01:11 AM

Nebulous    Said...


I love the interface, and can definitely vouch for the 2-line per screen restriction. Makes a patch design a much faster process. Well done!

23-Jan-08 03:11 AM

paul pierce    Said...

John is the premeir synt designer. I know. I worked with him. He is an amasing man. I can't wait for Solaris to hit the market. I think it will revolutionize the synth industry. Thanks John manchild huh1

paul pierce

06-Feb-08 12:07 AM

ME    Said...

It sounds like the Roland JD800, IHMO.

17-Jan-09 06:24 PM

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