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WNAMM08: The Ultimate Boss Pedal
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Devil in disguise    Said...

80's love (esp. the hair, of course)..... hahaha

This is freakin' awesome, not the pedal, the dude.... LOL

He reminds me of my older sister


(ps. I bet he's still playing. even as I type.... haha)

20-Jan-08 08:53 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Yep, a very enjoyable demo!

20-Jan-08 09:10 AM

Mauro Rosati    Said...

What is the guitar model he's playing?

20-Jan-08 10:22 AM

Myles    Said...

How are you seeing the video? Seems to be broken for me.

20-Jan-08 03:46 PM

Myles    Said...

Ooh nice Rob is demoing one of the new 24 fret Suhrs as well.

Bonus! And he draws a crowd too ;)

20-Jan-08 08:40 PM

Gerald    Said...

This probably the coolest demo i've ever seen. They should all be like this one. Well done. The product isn't bad either.

23-Jan-08 01:21 AM

Russ    Said...

wow !robs amazing he could give malmstein a run for his money .

17-Feb-08 10:47 PM

Jeff GT8    Said...

That was awesome. I wonder how he created a perfect sound from GT10.

21-Apr-08 03:08 AM

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