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WNAMM08: Yamaha Get Their KX At NAMM
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Will    Said...

Why aint he using the KX8 midi controller hes using the motif

02-Feb-08 04:34 AM

dave gahan    Said...

the same question, WHY? Please play KX8.

12-Mar-08 02:17 PM

Yves    Said...

Because the XS8 has the best keyboard feel of all yamaha synths. I bet the KX won't come near the feel of the XS8

28-Mar-08 06:57 AM

False advertisment    Said...

I smell shannagians, I believe the sounds are from the motif as well. The video encouraged me to purchase a Motif instead and NOT a KX8.

08-Apr-08 08:27 AM

dave gahan    Said...

I'm not inter. XS8. I can't find a reel demo from kx8 !!!

12-Apr-08 04:50 PM

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