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WNAMM08: Most Powerful DJ Software Ever?
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Mr. Tunes    Said...

probably not the best choice of words for the headline, but it will do. lots of flashy features announced here but who's to say this software is stable(and if all the features don't bog the system down to a crawl)? sometimes the most powerful DJ software is that which is lean

18-Jan-08 12:11 PM


Do you not understand the point of a question mark then Mr. Tunes?

18-Jan-08 01:24 PM

Mr. Tunes?    Said...

who cares that they put a question mark in? the mere fact that they are wondering if this is going to be one of the most powerful DJ software packages is the problem.

anyways i just watched the video and i realize this program isn't really intended for live djing as much as putting together things like compilation albums. i'm not going to knock it any more without trying it first.

19-Jan-08 11:47 AM

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