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WNAMM08: The Ultimate MPC?
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Ryan    Said...

It seems like the right direction, but what is its sample resolution?

17-Jan-08 05:22 PM

MJ3    Said...

OH SNAPPP! I'm getting a hard on.

17-Jan-08 08:31 PM

Tim    Said...

"The MPC5000's virtual analog synth eliminates need for external analog synth modules or buggy software based synthesizers."

Buggy software based synthesizers?

18-Jan-08 07:14 AM

new akai mpc 5000 is gonna suck!    Said...

lol..that coming from new akai is the funniest thing I've ever heard! This is a joke it has no keygroups! The 4000 blows this out of the water.Warning these guys who run new Akai are not the Akai of old and they suck!

18-Jan-08 12:11 PM

Lancerous    Said...

I second that, Tim: "Buggy software synthesizers?" There is no way Akai's VA engine can compete with an established VA softsynth engine from Arturia, NI, etc. Bashing softsynths is not the way to go!

21-Jan-08 01:25 PM

Harry    Said...

Its only 16 bit engine. MPC-5000 is a huge improvement compared to the 2500. But the MPC-4000 is still the flagship. With out doubt. Sorry, the 5000 arent even coming close...

21-Jan-08 04:25 PM

C    Said...

Why be sorry, do you honestly think Akai will care for peoples opinions when they have not even touched one ? Of course it will sell, it's still an Akai MPC what ever those people who think they know better say. If your really so anal about old skool gear then you will have to still use your MPC-60 for the sound and have to put up with the problem of limited memory. Don't knock it until you've used one for a while, then you can make a valid opinion.

25-Jan-08 07:07 AM

handzdown78    Said...

I feel that its not what it looks like its what you do with it I am going to make so many hits off of that thing its still the same feel as roger lynn

26-Jan-08 07:46 PM

MJ3    Said...

supposedly it has the same VA engine as the fusion or ION

30-Jan-08 07:54 PM

MJ3    Said...

supposedly it has the same VA engine as the ION and the FUSION

30-Jan-08 07:55 PM

That Bang    Said...

This looks like an over priced Door stop!!! Akai is run by middle aged white dudes who think they know whats up..... if you knew how much they made these things for in china you would be pissed at how much they are charging.....Buy a mac and Logic dont waste your money!

09-Apr-08 09:45 PM

sean kingston    Said...

im love that man uch you immi fr**&&*(

23-May-08 06:05 AM

vet    Said...

the majority of those companies are run by older dudes who are really out of touch with what is going on. am surprised that they did not do their homework it seems nowadays everyone of these companies is falling off making decisions on products that are not wise... have they forgot that they need atleast one radical? who has a ear and pulse very close to the street the real world of people who actually use the gear?? To know what people want and more importantly just what is a good direction to move in!! Hardware still lives but this one is short of only a few simple no brainers. i dont think it is a major f@#&k up atleast not like korg.

17-Jun-08 04:49 PM

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