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WNAMM08: Steinberg Releases VST3 SDK
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Goldstein    Said...

Cool, VST3 is welcome!

20-Jan-08 09:37 AM

DSP    Said...

As a developer, I feel I must respond to this news item.

VST3 actually offers little over VST2.4, and the documentation currently available to developers is poor. We have waited over a year for this, and it has been a kick in the teeth.

Goldstein who commented here has obviously fallen for the hype presented, VST3 is _not_ welcome by all parties.

For a measure of how well received it has been by the developers (who are now supposed to wade in with countless rewrites of their catalogue) visit

Overall, Steinberg are promoting a marketing tool, rather than an actual innovation. They are within their rights to do so, and their shareholders will expect them to pursue it for commercial gain. However, it is shortsighted and may ultimately bring their own marginalisation if developers shun it.

30-Jan-08 05:24 AM

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