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WNAMM08: Sonic State Go To NAMM
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Timk    Said...

Hey guys - please please please can you go and check out Spectrasonics new offering!


17-Jan-08 06:57 AM

phraggle    Said...

Looking forward to your reports, guys - have fun!

(And yeah, be sure to check out what Spectrasonics are up to...)

17-Jan-08 08:20 AM

Bod    Said...

Damn! I'm excited (ok, I probably need to get out more) :) ! I'm hoping to see something new from Line6, possibly guitar shaped!

When will we see the first reports?

17-Jan-08 08:50 AM

Nick B    Said...

Hi Bod, (7am in the hotel room), we're getting set for an early start, and always wake early when following trans-atlantic flights.

First written reports should be up today at show start, then tyhe videos will start (hopefully) tomorrow AM.

Stay tuned, we have loads of people to see..

17-Jan-08 09:24 AM    Said...

Always look forward to sonicstate NAMM coverage (best on the web), just wanna say, thanks all your efforts to cover as much as possible - caffine, lack of sleep ... its appreciated.

Please check out Access Musics latest offering, and get Ben Crosland to knock out a good trance demo !

17-Jan-08 10:21 AM

nick b    Said...

And yes, we do intend to see Spectrasonics

17-Jan-08 10:30 AM

Nick    Said...

Access too.

17-Jan-08 10:30 AM

Dave B    Said...

Nick - Andy good luck. Shame I'mnot there with you but I'm sure you make up for one less slacker.

17-Jan-08 02:57 PM

Shekhar (thek2plan)    Said...

Is ken macbeth there with his much improved m5n?

24-Jan-08 07:09 PM

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